Femund Canoe Camp offers the ideal solution for people traveling light packed, from abroad, for people with little canoeing/hiking-experience or for large groups, school classes, youth clubs, associations etc. Instead of only renting a canoe we offer you a ´canoe-package´. This means we not only rent you the canoe with basic equipment, but also take care of all provisions and everything else that is needed for the whole trip.

This means less worrying about what to take with you and more time to plan your trip and prepare other activities. All equipment will be complete and ready when you arrive at FCC!

Included in the canoe-package:

  • 2/3 person canoe(s)

  • paddles

  • life jackets

  • 2 person tent(s)

  • groundsheets

  • camping stove (Trangia) with fuel

  • provisions for the entire tour

  • water tight packing container

  • canoe trolley

  • spade

  • hatchet

  • saw

  • first aid

  • map of the touring area

  • trash bag

  • basic instructions

  • car parking

  • 2 days free camping at FCC

  • a warm shower after your trip

The provision box we offer contains for instance:

Day 1

Cornflakes, milk, bread, cheese, tea

Soup, crackerbread, sardines, coffee

Meatballs and mashed potatoes, peas, juice, orange

Day 2

Brown bread, liver paste, marmalade, egg, chocolate

Cod roe, bread, liver paste, coffee/tea

Chopped beef and fr. eggs, rice, juice, coffee

Day 3

Bread, red caviar, boiled egg, coffee/tea

Soup, bread, cheese, juice

Spaghetti with meat stew, onion, canned fruit

Day 4       


In addition the box also contains basic things such as margarine, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, fresh onions, sugar, raisins and clear meat lozenges, as well as two boxes of matches and toilet paper. For groups we can also pack a joint provisions box with dry milk, flour, dry yeast, extra coffee/tea, sugar etc. So you can make your own pancakes, bake bread etc.

With the provisions we provide you have all you really need for the entire trip. It´s not necessary to bring anything extra, unless if you want to treat yourself with something special.

Canoes can be rented in the period 01.06 - 01.09.

NOK 550,- per person per day

  • Minimal 2 people

  • Minimal rent of 5 days

  • Transport (drop-off and pick-up) can be arranged separately