Canoe rental

We have two different kinds of Canadian canoes for rent, 2-person and 3-person canoes. Our 2-person canoes are the most popular. They can easily carry two adults with equipment for a trip of 1-2 weeks. The 3-person canoe is used when an odd number of people travel together or as a family canoe, for instance for two adults with one or two smaller children.

Included in the canoe rent:

  • paddles
  • life jackets
  • spade
  • trash bag
  • basic instructions
  • car parking
  • a warm shower after your trip

Additional equipment for rent:

  • tents
  • sleeping bags
  • groundsheets
  • stoves
  • canoe trolleys
  • water tight packing container

Transport (drop-off and pick-up) can be arranged separately.

When renting a canoe for three days or more, you can stay at our wilderness camp for free the day before and/or after your trip. 

Canoes can be rented in the period 01.06 - 01.09.

2-Person canoe
NOK 1555,- per week
NOK 365,- per day
3-Person canoe
NOK 2345,- per week
NOK 550,- per day