New start!

We are happy to go online with this completely new website and look forward to running Femund Canoe Camp in cooperation with founder Bengt Magnusson, summer 2015! We admire Morgan Nilsson and Bengt for their entrepreneurship back in 1974 and Bengt’s stayer ability throughout the years of running the camp. Bengt is retiring after many years of duty at FCC, thus it is time for his business to move ahead on others’ shoulders.

It has never previously occurred to us that we could combine our careers in Oslo with a canoe camping business in Engerdal. But something changed our minds during fall 2014. What first seemed to be just an odd but attracting vague idea took hold thanks to family and friends encouraging us. In addition a workshop arranged by the Engerdal municipality about attracting young people having grown up in the area helped us see Engerdals potential.

The municipality of Engerdal is big in land area but sparse on inhabitants and thus has everything Europe will lack in the future. Space, time, clean air and clean water. The last years, we have been on several trips in the Femund area. On sunny days on Femund with the blue skies and mountains reflecting in the perfectly clear water surface, we have always asked ourselves: Why don’t more people get outside and discover this treasure?

We finally decided we wanted to continue the work of Bengt and to contribute in keeping Femund and Femundsmarka accessible for people. Our goal is to be a starting point for activities in the Femund area – not only for canoeing, but also for hiking, bicycling or fishing. Whatever interest you have, with our equipment and knowledge of the Femundsmarka we will help you get out there and enjoy yourselves in the real wilderness!

With these words, we would like to welcome you to our new homepage, and welcome you to Femund Canoe Camp summer 2015! We look forward to get in touch with you now already on Facebook and Instagram.

Karin Magnusson and Rick Noordink