July starts with 24 degrees and still water!

Wearing shorts and t-shirts at Femund’s beach line is not possible that many days of the year. This picture is taken this morning. Last years’ July was also sunny and warm and the water temperature in the smaller lakes reached 22 degrees. With the coming days’ expected weather, it is possible to go for a swim during your canoe trip without immediately having to get out of the water :-)

Bengt is still going strong and Karin and Rick arrived at FCC last weekend. Several canoe guests are now enjoying their wildlife adventures at Femund, Isteren and in Jyltingsmarka. With the current weather, we know for sure they want to be at no other place on earth at this moment! As an example, lake Isteren has several beaches and the people who have seen them know they look just like the Mediterranean ones. In the shadow and in late evenings, you may experience some mosquitoes and his smaller and allied friend “knott”, but with repellent you should be fine.

We are expecting the peak of tourist flow in two weeks. Hence, at the moment, we have many canoes available. With the expected nice weather, we encourage you to drop by for a day trip, or for a longer journey. If you want to combine your canoe trip with a hiking tour, this is possible as well. We know quite some mountain tops with beautiful views of the surroundings (not covered by snow).

So now, the FCC staff will have a cup of coffee in the sun. We look forward to see you here!

Bengt, Rick and Karin