The weather

Lake Femund is situated far away from the coasts and therefore has a rather dry clima. Heavy, rainy clouds often empty themselves over the mountains in west, ensuring many dry days. Rain- and snowfall are instead usually coming from the east. We are at a relatively high altitude (662 m) implying short summers and long winters. There are large variations in weather types and temperatures, as well as large differences between day and night temperatures. Usually our weather is rather stable over longer time periods, but be aware that sudden changes can occur.

Heavy wind is one of the main challenges for safety on our lakes. As a canoer, particularly on Lake Femund, you are depending on quite still waters. Mostly this is not a problem, but sometimes north or north-western winds can present a problem. We will inform you about what to do if you are encountered with windy conditions on your trip.

Nice weather often means REALLY NICE WEATHER!! We sometimes have long sunny periods with temperatures around 25 C, now and then giving some rain or thundering towards the afternoon. You may experience the bluest sky you can imagine over a truly mirroring lake. These are magic moments!!! A foreign tourist once said to us: "I first thought a vacation at Lake Femund would be expensive". "That I really cannot say - I see everything twice ….".